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Handyman Tested

Overall Rating: 7.9

Maxfilm is a high-strength synthetic lubricant that loosens rusted parts such as bolts, nuts or hinges and prevents corrosion. The lubricant can even be used as a manual cutting fluid, making it easier to drill metal or aluminum by hand.

Handyman Magazine Member Tested

Test Criteria Average Score
Performance 8.3
Quality 8.1
Durability 8.5
Effectiveness 8.6

Information in this table comes directly from the Product Test Report Synopsis compiled by Handy magazine. This information was not included in the original story in Handy magazine.

"I used Maxfilm on some sticky doors and it worked well. It has a stream-spray function, which was helpful for hard-to-reach bolts."

Eric Hokanson, Carpentersville, IL

"This product has a thicker viscosity that helps it cling to the targeted area. I used it to loosen a rusted spring clamp"

Zachary Swope, Baden, PA
High Performance Synthetic Lubricant Maxfilm All-Purpose Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant