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Customer Testimonials

"Iím a product tester for Handyman Club and was given Maxfilm to test, this product is great. I used it on a very old pair of needle nose pliers that had been rusted for a very long time. I used WD40, PB Blaster and even soaked them in oil, they would become loose but not very usable. WOW the results were amazing, even after a few days they were still loose and workable. Thank you.

P.S. - Maxfilm has found a place in my shop and tool box, itís the only lubricant Iíll ever own."

Billy B., Handyman Club Tester

"Itís like WD40 on massive steroids, without the negative side-effects."

T. Abrahms, Street Thunder Reader

"This stuff ROCKS! Best penetrating lube I have ever used, no doubt. The nuts came off like butter."

Anonymous Reader, Subiesport Magazine
High Performance Synthetic Lubricant Maxfilm All-Purpose Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant